Virtual Visions: The 1111 Project Illuminating Black History Month

As we step into February, a month dedicated to honoring Black History, the intersection of art and technology takes center stage with Africa's groundbreaking initiative—The 1111 Project. This augmented reality art collection not only commemorates the rich tapestry of African history but also serves as a beacon pushing the boundaries of black culture worldwide.

Black History Month, observed annually stands as a tribute to the remarkable contributions, struggles, and achievements of African Americans throughout history. In this blog post, we delve into the significance of this month-long celebration, exploring its roots, purpose, and the ongoing quest for inclusivity.

Also, we will be talking about The 1111 Project and its pivotal role in celebrating African art, and its acceptance by prominent artists like Don Jazzy and Wizkid. Plus, we have an exclusive treat for our readers that pay close attention till the end of the blog.

Black History Month: Commemorating Achievements and Contributions

February serves as a dedicated time to highlight the countless achievements and contributions of African Americans in various fields such as science, literature, politics, arts, and more. From the groundbreaking work of scientists like George Washington Carver to the literary brilliance of Maya Angelou and Oladapo Ouverture, Black History Month offers a platform to recognize the impact of African Americans on shaping our collective history.

Oladapo Ouverture's recent recognition as the Nigerian Artist of the Year by the Nigerian Gallery of Art stands as a pivotal moment in the promotion and celebration of African art. This prestigious award not only honors Ouverture's exceptional artistic contributions but also serves as a beacon for the broader promotion of African creativity.

In a larger context, Ouverture's achievement resonates profoundly with the essence of Black History Month, showcasing the dynamic and diverse narratives embedded in African culture. As an artist who adds vibrant strokes to the canvas of African artistry, Ouverture's recognition is a testament to the ongoing legacy of artistic excellence within the African diaspora.

This accolade not only celebrates the individual artist but also contributes to the broader movement of acknowledging and amplifying the significance of African art during this dedicated month of reflection and commemoration. It underscores the importance of recognizing contemporary African artists as integral contributors to the ongoing cultural tapestry, echoing the spirit of Black History Month in promoting awareness and appreciation for the diverse and evolving expressions of African creativity.

The 1111 Project: Pioneering Augmented Reality Art and Propelling Black Culture Worldwide

In a groundbreaking stride at the intersection of art and technology, Africa proudly introduces The 1111 Project, the continent's first-ever Augmented Reality (AR) art collection. Beyond its technological marvel, this initiative is a cultural catalyst, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and bringing the vibrancy of black culture to different corners of the globe.

Traditionally, the global art scene has been dominated by Western narratives. The 1111 Project challenges this paradigm by placing African art in the spotlight, showcasing the diversity, depth, and creativity that define the continent's cultural heritage. Through augmented reality, the collection becomes accessible to a global audience, offering a unique lens through which to appreciate and engage with African art. See our online store to find out more about this amazing collection.


The 1111 Project stands as a testament to Africa's commitment to celebrating its heritage through innovative means. By embracing augmented reality, this groundbreaking art collection offers a dynamic and accessible experience that resonates not only with the local community but also with a global audience. As we enter Black History Month, Ouverstore store invites us to embark on a journey through time, exploring the vibrant tapestry of African history in a way that is both revolutionary and deeply enriching.

As a testament to the project's commitment to inclusivity and celebration, there is an exclusive 11% discount available on all artworks from The 1111 Project at our official store throughout Black History Month. This special offer encourages art enthusiasts and cultural enthusiasts alike to partake in this revolutionary celebration of African heritage, making the experience not only revolutionary but also deeply enriching for all who engage with it.

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